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Five Steps to Walking with God

It's really very simple to walk with God.....

1.  Believe and receive the deep and unchanging love that God has for you.  His love for you never changes regardless of your ability or inability to "keep the rules."

2.  Receive God's forgiveness for all of your sins and let Him remove shame from your life.  Jesus died for your sins at the cross and He was raised from the dead by God the Father to show that His work of forgiveness and salvation was accepted in heaven.  You are clean because of what Jesus did at the cross.  Never let shame rule your life again.  There is no condemnation for followers of Jesus.

3.  Get quiet and learn to listen for God's voice.  He will speak to you through thoughts and pictures in your mind.  Everything he says will be consistent with what Jesus says and does in the New Testament.

4.  Find other people who are following God and spend time with them in small groups.  Walking with God is a family activity - it can't be done alone.