Summary of the Bible Message

Here is a good exercise for my fellow followers of Jesus.  Can we summarize the message of the entire Bible in 200 words or less?  This is great to be able to do when sharing your faith with someone who is not a believer in Jesus.  The message of Jesus really doesn't make much sense when it is presented out of context.  We must present the saving work of Christ in the context of the overall story of Israel and in the context of the God who created the physical universe and has always loved humanity. Here is my attempt at this:

"The Bible tells the story of God's journey with mankind as He reveals Himself as a Father who delights in his good creation and in humanity.  He called out a people to Himself called Israel - the descendants of a Jewish man named Jacob.  He revealed Himself in a special way to this group of people, showing them His ways. They became His representatives in the earth.  The story reaches its climax when God Himself comes to earth in the form of the Jewish man Jesus who shows us how to live in obedience to God and how to relate to other people with love, truth and forgiveness.  Jesus is executed by the Roman authorities for threatening their power over the people, but through His death and subsequent resurrection God destroys the power of death and sin for all humanity, and inaugurates a new creation for which the Resurrected and Ascended Jesus becomes Lord and Source of Life. The people of this new creation are called the Church.  Ultimately we hope in the resurrection of believers to live in physical bodies on a renewed earth in justice and harmony."

You can write your own summary and then commit it to memory so you can share it with people who are interested in the message of the Bible.
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