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Following Jesus 101

What does following Jesus mean?  Who was Jesus?  What is the New Testament?  I will answer those questions in this blog.  What I want to offer here is a very concise introduction to Christianity to all my friends who are interested in learning more about my beliefs.  The term Christianity has a great deal of negative baggage and cultural associations, so I prefer to use the term “following Jesus” to describe the practice of surrendering one’s life on a daily basis to the Lordship of Jesus.
In order to understand what following Jesus means, first we need to know who Jesus was.  In order to do that we must first understand a little bit about Judaism and a little bit about the Bible.  Jesus can only be correctly understood in the context of 1st century Judaism.  Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world.  It is a monotheistic religion, meaning that it proclaims the existence of one God.  According to Judaism, God revealed himself about 4,000 years ago to a man named Abraham who…