Prayer for the United States in December 2012

Prayer for the United States in December 2012

With the many mass shootings that have occurred this year in the United States, I believe that our spiritual enemy has released a spirit of death over the United States.  Let's pray that God would release His life and mercy into our nation to overcome the spirit of death.   The Bible says that God is able to bring victory out of tragedy and to bring life out of death.  Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound.

If you are a believer in Jesus as Lord I invite you to join with me in praying the following prayer over our nation to release the Life of Jesus to our nation:

"Father in Jesus Name we join our faith together to declare that Life be released into our nation today.  May the Life of Jesus be released over our nation and may Life prevail in the hearts and lives of our people.

"Father, turn the hearts and minds of this nation toward you in repentance and faith.   Extend your mercy and grace to the cities and towns of the United States and let the preaching of the gospel go forth with fresh fire and renewed faith.  Send laborers into the harvest field of our nation.  Open the ears and hearts of the people of the United States to hear Your message of forgiveness, truth and healing.   

"We ask for the gift of repentance to be given to  our nation.  Let millions turn to you in the coming weeks and months in this nation.  We are believing You for an awakening and a harvest that will fulfill Your purpose - for you desire that all men and women and children come to salvation and the knowledge of the truth.   Touch the heart and mind of President Obama and his wife Michelle and reveal your truth and life to them.   We pray for all those in authority in our nation that they may surrender their hearts and minds to You and to Your love.  Thank You Father for extending life and mercy to our nation at this time.   We praise You and glorify your Name.  We thank You that death and murder are defeated enemies through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.   We thank You that the Life of Jesus prevails.  We pray this in Jesus Name and for Your glory Father.  Amen."
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