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Hurricane Sandy - Where Was God?

It seems there is so much confusion these days about national disasters like hurricane Sandy and whether they are God's judgments or simply the results of years of sowing sin as a nation and reaping the effects of that.   Here are my thoughts.  This is where I am presently in my journey of understanding the Lord and His ways.  You may disagree and I would love to hear your take on it.

I think the Father heard our prayers and that the storm was weakened and He did take death out of the storm.  Even though many people died and that is a terrible tragedy, I think that our spiritual enemy intended the death and destruction to be much, much worse.   We read in the gospels that Jesus rebuked the storm on the sea that was about to destroy the lives of his disciples.   Jesus told us that everything He did was a reflection of what He saw His Father God doing.  (see John 5).   So then we can conclude that God in Christ was commanding the vici…