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There And Back Again

This post is going to a bit different than my usual theological comments.  I wanted to share with you a bit about my two recent trips out of the United States.  I was able to travel to Bangalore, India in September 2011 for two weeks and then my wife and I traveled to Sydney, Australia for 10 days in May of 2012.  Both trips were huge gifts from the Lord.  I love to travel and so to me, this was God showing me how much He loves me by allowing me to travel to both of these beautiful places.  He loves all of us the same of course.  His love is amazing.  I’ve titled this post “There and Back Again”, and yes I realize this is overt plagiarism from J.R. Tolkein, so just call me Bilbo.  :-)
Bangalore, India
I’ve wanted to travel to India for many years now.  One of my best friends is a fellow from Hyderabad named John Golconda.  John was my mentor when I first started in the software industry back in 1997 and he really encouraged me and taught me that technical stuff wasn’t as hard as I thou…