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Recovering the Biblical Meaning of Hell

Relational Church

Relational church is something my wife and I have been involved in for the past eight years.  I use the term “relational” church rather than “organic” or “house” church for a reason.  The covenant people of God – those who have received forgiveness of sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – they make up the universal church.   The church is people, not buildings and not meetings.  Reading through the New Testament, one realizes that the relational commands such as “love one another”, “forgive one another”, “bear one another’s burdens” etc. can only be carried out in the context of a small group of believers who are committed to the Lord and to one another.  The NT letters were written to clusters of believers who were gathering in homes to celebrate the Risen Christ all across the Roman Empire.  The letters were often circulated among these small clusters within a given city or region.  So we have the letter to the believers at Rome, the letter to the believers in Corinth, etc.