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Societal Transformation

Many of us followers of Christ have dreams of societal transformation. In other words, we want to see more than just large numbers of people attending churches - we want to see cultural and sociological changes in our country that would be evidence of people really following the commands of Jesus in their everyday lives. I think this is a good and an appropriate dream and desire to have. When our society begins to adopt the values of Christ in everyday life and we see people honoring Jesus by loving one another, forgiving one another and living in relational harmony and moral purity then we know that the Kingdom of God is increasing among us. Jesus asked us to pray that God's Kingdom would come and that His will would be done on earth.

However, I think that the Bible-believing people of God in the United States have focused too often and too much on changing the political landscape in order to achieve societal transformation rather than focusing our energies and efforts elsew…